Google Cloud launches Unattended Project Recommender to manage idle resources, projects on cloud

SaaS News - Google Cloud launches Unattended Project Recommender to manage idle resources, projects on cloud (source: SaaS Industry)
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Google Cloud has recently launched Unattended Project Recommender to identify, reclaim and shutdown idle and unattended resources on the cloud to mitigate risks and cloud costs. It is a new feature of Google’s Active Assist and leverages machine learning for deriving insights

Google Cloud has recently announced the launch of Unattended Project Recommender, a new feature of its Active Assist, to provide what it calls a “one-stop-shop” solution to discover, reclaim and shutdown unattended projects on the cloud.

Google enunciated that it is not uncommon for resources or projects on the cloud to be forgotten in fast-moving organizations, causing difficulties, unnecessary waste, and security risks for product teams. To address this, Unattended Project Recommender would leverage machine learning algorithms to provide actionable and automatic insights to identify idle and abandoned resources or projects.

Unattended Project Recommender is available through Google Cloud’s Recommender API. It analyzes data and activities involving API, networking (ingress and egress), billing (like services with billable usage), user, cloud services usage, among others. Deriving signals from these data, it can generate recommendations to clean up projects with low usage activity and reclaim projects with high user activity but devoid of active project owners, thereby assigning new owners to it.

Additionally, users can examine the underlying project activity insights that provide additional information for integration with an organization’s existing workflows and automation. Also, in case of accidental project shutdowns, Google stated an option to restore the same within a 30-day wait period. 

Matt Bowes, a staff security engineer at Box, a provider of secure content management solutions, is one of the early customers of Unattended Project Recommender, Google said. He states,

Unattended Project Recommender is a great fit for us. It gives us a unified view of project usage across our entire organization and enables us to address security risks of legacy projects in a systematic and organized manner, ensuring an even safer environment.

Matt Bowes, a staff security engineer at Box
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