Google Cloud Hires SAP Alum Kazmaier, unifies database, data analytics, Looker units

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Google Cloud has recently announced that the former SAP Executive Gerrit Kazmaier is now hired as the general manager for Data Analytics, Database, and Looker. This is a new move by the firm and is expected to consolidate data units and unify them. The team structure for reporting will be as follows. Gerrit Kazmaier, who is expected to start working from Monday, will report to Urs Holze, the senior vice president of technical infrastructure and Google fellow at Google. Further, Andi Gutmans, the vice president of engineering for databases at Google, Debanjan Saha, the general manager of data analytics, and Ronaldo Ama, the general manager of Looker, will all report to the recruit, Kazmaier.

With an increase in demand, Google Cloud is trying to improve its features and has been working on its industry expertise with hires from many enterprise software giants such as Oracle and SAP. The benefit of having these hires is that they are well-versed with databases, handling, optimizing, managing, and unification, among other things. Therefore, this proves to be very handy for the company when they work here at Google Cloud. Before joining Google Cloud as the general manager for data analytics, database, and Looker, Kazmaier was the President of SAP HANA and analytics. He largely led SAP’s global product, solution, and engineering teams that worked in the database, data warehousing, and data analytics.

He has also been the vice president of SAP analytics cloud. Therefore, during his job at SAP, Kazmaier largely focused on providing its users with the opportunity to utilize and share data across enterprises with ease. He left SAP on February 1 when he posted about it on his LinkedIn handle. He posted, “The questions: how will this help our customers? And how will this help the people working in this organization? Are guiding stars for me.” In this farewell post, Kazmaier thanked SAP for his work there and specified that he would pursue a new career opportunity.

Considering the amount of experience that he has in this industry and how passionately he had worked at SAP before and reached new heights to ensure ease for the users of the application, hiring Kazmaier is going to be very fruitful for Google Cloud. It can help better the platform on many levels. With AWS as its major competitor, which has a better global range and is beating Google Cloud, it is important to step up the game for Google Cloud if it wants to lead this race. Even when Google Cloud provides better prices and flexibility, AWS has way more data centers worldwide. With this new entry in the team, there is a chance for Google Cloud to shine.

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