Google closes its shopping apps on Android, iOS; users redirected to web

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At a Glance

Google shuts down its mobile shopping apps for Android and iOS to drive traffic to their web shopping, reports state. The move comes amid Google expanding its shopping features in its search, image search, and even on YouTube and also its plans to enhance its augmented reality.

Earlier, to compensate for the lack of in-store shopping, Google Search had tried virtually replicating that try-on-experience for” beauty products” through AR. For instance, while scrolling through different lipsticks, Google shall relay pictures of how that lipstick would look on different skin tones and people.

Now, commenting on the shutdown of the app, a Google spokesperson said, stressing that they will continue building features within the Shopping tab and other Google services to help people.

Within the next few weeks, we’ll no longer be supporting the Shopping app. All of the functionality the app offered users is available on the Shopping tab. We’ll continue building features within the Shopping tab and other Google surfaces, including the Google app, that makes it easy for people to discover and shop for the products they love.”

Where’s the difference?

Both the web and Android experience are almost identical, with the Android relying on a bottom bar over a navigation drawer. Essentially, the home page feeds people with a list of “recommended” drawing information from a user’s saved products. Announced in Google Marketing Live in May 2019, G-Shopping facilitates personalized homepage and shopping. It continues to be a powerful tool for retailers to push their products’ visibility to millions of web users.

Moreover, Google Shopping does not require an app as most users just search the products they need and hence, conserves Google’s engineering resources. 

After the announcement, Version 59 of Google Shopping has begun rolling out a “Something went wrong” message along with, “The app is unavailable right now, but you can continue shopping on

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