Glean raises $100 M in Series C round led by Sequoia Capital

Glean has received a $100 million Series C led by Sequoia Capital at a $1 billion valuation, just over six months after emerging from stealth.

Glean provides a powerful, unified search experience across all of a company’s apps, allowing employees to find exactly what they need and learn new things. 

Glean helps employees save 2-3 hours per week by using its expertise of who individuals are, what they’re working on, and who they’re working with to offer highly tailored outcomes instantaneously. Employees may focus on the duties they were hired to do instead of wasting time hunting for information.

“The workplace has fundamentally changed. SaaS sprawl has accelerated and a global pandemic made remote and hybrid work environments into a new normal. This presents huge challenges for companies to ensure that their employees can find answers to their questions and can stay connected not only to company knowledge but also to each other. Glean puts a company’s knowledge at its employees’ fingertips. It’s every employee’s personal assistant, helping them ‘glean’ exactly the insights they need to do their best work,”

Arvind Jain, founder, and CEO of Glean. 

Glean has had remarkable client involvement since its launch in September 2021. Knowledge workers now can get exactly what they need and locate knowledge and people who can help them move more quickly.

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