GitLab acquires UnReview to integrate machine learning tools into its platform

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GitLab has acquired UnReview, in a deal whose terms are undisclosed, to incorporate UnReview’s machine learning tools that identify expert code reviewers into its platform. It is also building new machine learning operations features for data scientists

GitLab, an open-source code collaboration platform that helps developers create, review, and deploy codebases, has announced its acquisition of UnReview, a machine learning (ML) that identifies expert code reviewers automatically. 

Eric Johnson, CTO of GitLab, stated that the integration of UnReview’s technology into the GitLab platform marked their first step in building GitLab’s Applied Machine Learning for DevOps. 

By continuing to incorporate machine learning into GitLab’s open DevOps platform, we are improving the user experience by automating workflows and compressing cycle times across all stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle. We’re also building new MLOps features to empower data scientists.

Eric Johnson, CTO of GitLab

The terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed for now. Gitlab, which aims to bring in more ML tools on its platform, will now integrate UnReview’s capabilities into its workflow. According to David DeSanto, senior director of product management at GitLab, adding a bot to their platform can help in automatically labeling issues, a reason that eventually led to the meeting with UnReview and its acquisition.

Last year, we decided that the future of DevOps includes ML/AI, both within the DevOps lifecycle as well as the growth of adoption of ML/AI with our customers. He noted that when GitLab recently surveyed its customers, 75% of the teams said they are already using AI/ML,

David DeSanto, senior director of product management at GitLab

Mr. DeSanto stated that the focus for the second half of 2021 should be to automate the selection of code reviewers using UnReview. UnReview’s ML tools help software teams recommend best reviewers when developers want to check in their latest code. GitLab had launched their code review components last year, which  Wayne Haber, director of engineering at GitLab, stated to be a manual process. With the new system, the ML tool will automatically rank potential reviewers with transparency and identify the one best suited to do the job.

Commenting on the acquisition, Alexander Chueshev, founder of UnReview, who will now be a senior stack developer at GitLab, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share his passion for data science and machine learning. He added,

I look forward to enhancing the user experience by playing a role in integrating UnReview into the GitLab platform and extending machine learning and artificial intelligence into additional DevOps stages in the future,

Alexander Chueshev, founder of UnReview
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