GitHub, Open AI collaborate to launch AI tool Copilot

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Open AI and GitHub have teamed up to launch Copilot to help users write code efficiently. GitHub has put the product out for limited technical preview as of now.

GitHub and Open AI have collaborated to launch GitHub Copilot, which leverages artificial intelligence to help one write code efficiently, reports state. The product is currently available for limited technical preview, available on its website.

Reports that have covered the product have called it parrot backing code, where codes are suggested as one writes the code, letting users cycle through those suggestions and accept or reject them as per convenience. Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub, has called the Copilot as an AI pair programmer and stated that it draws contexts for suggestions from the code that users work on.

“It helps you quickly discover alternative ways to solve problems, write tests, and explore new APIs without having to tediously tailor a search for answers on the internet. As you type, it adapts to the way you write code to help you complete your work faster,”

Mr. Friedman wrote in his blog post. 

Reports indicate that this project is the result of Microsoft’s $1 billion investment into Open AI and is built on a new algorithm called OpenAI Codex, a descendant of GPT-3, OpenAI’s flagship language-generating algorithm, which can generate text sometimes indistinguishable to human writing. 

In an email to The Verge, Open AI stated that it planned to release a version of Codex through its API later this year to help developers build their own apps with tech.

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