Galvanize partners with Waymark Tech to modernize GRC programs

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Waymark Tech, a provider of financial services regulatory and legal information, has partnered with Galvanize, a SaaS (GRC) software platform. Galvanize’s AI-powered HighBond platform will acquire more regulatory content and capabilities as a result of the partnership.

Galvanize, a software platform for SaaS governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), has announced a strategic partnership with Waymark Tech, a regulatory and legal intelligence supplier to financial services.  

Galvanize’s AI-powered HighBond platform will get more regulatory content and capabilities due to the partnership, lowering costs and risks for its clients.

Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Waymark, Galvanize constantly builds on the value we provide to GRC professionals. In the business of managing risk, GRC professionals can’t afford to miss anything. The integration with Waymark’s extensive library of regulatory content will allow our customers to not only stay on top of regulatory alerts necessary to remain compliant but also to make the updates as they happen automatically.

Andrew Smith, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at Galvanize

Compliance teams may examine and prioritize regulatory notifications using Waymark’s real-time updated datasets. HighBond users will have access to Waymark’s Horizon Scanner, a centralized source for all regulatory news that saves compliance teams hours of daily manual effort, and Obligation Identification, which uses proprietary AI to identify, extract, and track obligations so they can quickly focus on the ones that matter most to them.

Galvanize’s HighBond platform streamlines risk and compliance management, making GRC programs more strategic for their users. The integration of our content tools—Horizon Scanner and Obligation Identification—provides compliance teams with a single source for all regulatory news and enhances this streamlining, saving significant daily manual effort.

Mark Holmes, founder and CEO of Waymark

Galvanize approximately 6,300 businesses use HighBond in 130 countries, including numerous Fortune 1000 and S&P 500 corporations, as well as hundreds of banks, manufacturing, healthcare, and government institutions.

Waymark’s natural language processing capabilities are used by various institutions, including policymakers in the UK government, regulators, compliance supervisors, professional services firms, and financial institutions. They are powered by a combination of innovative technology, AI, Machine Learning, and human expertise.

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