Frontify raises $50M in Series C from Revaia

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Frontify raised $50M in Series C to boost its technology, which would in turn support the growing global community of brand builders.

Frontify, a brand management software provider, raised $50 million in a Series C funding round led by Revaia to fuel growth for the brand management experts and support clients in the US and Europe, a press release from Frontify said.

The Series B funding for Frontify came in January last year, where it netted $22.3 million. With the close of this round, the company has raised over $80 million as per Crunchbase. HighSage Ventures and existing investors of Frontify, EQT Ventures, Blossom Capital, and Tenderloin Ventures – participated in the funding round.

Roger Dudler, founder and CEO of Frontify, said that the company has the foundation and is currently revolutionizing the way people contribute and work with their brands across a huge range of industries, brand sizes, locations and needs. There’s still so much to achieve, but we can’t get there alone, he added.

“Expanding our teams with the best and brightest around the globe, seeking partners who align with our beliefs and outlook, and taking our software to even greater heights – these are just some of the key focus points for us now.”

Roger Dudler, founder and CEO of Frontify

Frontify said it would use the proceeds from the funding to boost its technology, which would in turn support the growing global community of brand builders. It reiterated that it is committed to accelerated growth in research and development and hiring in the US, Switzerland and beyond.

We instantly got excited about Frontify’s brand management platform and its capacity to capture the whole branding process in one place, making it the single source of truth for employees and collaborators. They have demonstrated their ability to convince some of the most trusted brands globally in all industries, while delivering strong and efficient revenue growth. We’re also buying into the passion and the people at Frontify, and are thrilled to contribute to building its global leadership.

Elina Berrebi, founding partner of Revaia
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