Frontier raises $2.8M in a funding round led by NFX

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Frontier has received $2.8 million in a funding round led by NFX. Frontier calls itself a “vertically integrated” job market. Frontier’s concept is that it pre-screens candidates, selects the best, and allows them to schedule interviews with companies directly, saving time and money.

Frontier has raised $2.8 million in a funding round led by NFX. Other participants include firstminute Capital, FJ Labs, Cyan Banister, Ilkka Pannanen, Alex Bouaziz, Liquid 2. Frontier calls itself a vertically integrated employment marketplace.

Frontier’s idea is that it pre-screens candidates, filters out the best, and then allows them to schedule interviews directly with employers, saving time and money in the process.

It’s aimed at businesses that require a large number of low-skilled labor. So far, Carrol’s (Burger King’s largest franchisor) and Concentrix have been among their clients.

We believe the hiring experience is a fragmented workflow for both employer and jobseeker, which dramatically slows down the time-to-fill for positions and leads to rigid labor markets — something the world can’t afford right now. To fix hiring, a platform must own more of the hiring funnel than job platforms currently do, and use that position to redefine the experience.

Elliot O’Connor, founder and CEO of Frontier

Mr. Elliot told TechCrunch that they aren’t employing an algorithm in the sense of artificial intelligence. It also eliminates unconscious prejudice through the use of skill-based evaluations. He added that they focus on people who work in high-volume, low-skilled environments, such as customer service, retail, or warehousing. So Frontier looks at typing speed and other things. The résumé is not going to be considered. It’s a rule-based system, which means the firm gets to determine the rules. There is no artificial intelligence.

We’ve gone and eaten up a lot of the different pieces of software that are out there and combined them into a single vertically integrated whole. So we’ve got a screening software that’s basically modular, so every customer gets their own screening, according to their own criteria, and the machine does it for them. So at the interviews, they’re going to have qualified candidates.

Elliot O’Connor, founder and CEO of Frontier

Frontier is changing the entire talent-sourcing process by providing an on-demand experience that’s already present in so many parts of life. Shortening the window of finding work and making hires creates substantial benefits across large segments of the labor market. The network effects embedded in Frontier’s product and business model make it completely different to the traditional incumbents.

Pete Flint, a general partner at NFX
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