Formation raises $4m in a Andreessen Horowitz led seed round fund

SaaS News -Formation-raises-$4M-led-by-Andreessen-Horowitz-to-train-truly-‘exceptional’-software-engineers(source: SaaS Industry)

At a Glance

Formation startup that aims to create exceptional software engineers through training has come under the radar of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and raised $4 million worth of funding in seed round.

The other participants in the funding were Designer Fund, Combine, Lachy Groom, Slow Ventures, and engineers from Airbnb, Notion, Rippling, and others. 

Formation trains software engineers, prompting them to not just learn code but also become exceptional at it. They do not have a fixed curriculum but instead rely on adaptive learning to build a personalized training experience for the trainees. They are also coming out with its Engineering Fellowship program, where each trainee, according to their aspirations, shall receive tailored training. 

Formation’s start dates back to the time when its CEO and founder Sophie Zhou Novati, a former employee of Facebook, struggled to hire engineers for her team. Irritated by it, she mentored a local boot camp to train engineers to meet their team’s standards. Later, she decided to expand on her newfound passion by making it her career by starting the firm with her husband.

Formation now aims to do more than a mere boot camp training- something that is fast and churns thousands at the cost of providing individual attention to trainees. Thus far, it has placed over 30 people in companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Lyft with an average pay of $120000. The problem, according to Sophie, is,

Only about 55% of boot camp grads are getting a job as a software engineer, and of the ones that do, their median salary is only about $65,000. At the same time, companies everywhere are just desperately looking for ways to diversify their talent pool.”

Commenting on the funding, Connie Chan, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, said that Formation was the “only true tech-based and scalable solution committed to optimizing each student’s mastery over skills.

The founder-product fit is also super clear — Sophie brings her own best-in-class engineering experience to Formation, as well as her long-time passion for mentoring,” Connie added.

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