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FMG Suite, a marketing and advertising SaaS provider, has announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with LPL Financial. LPL financial advisers may now submit email, social media, and website campaigns using FMG Suite’s all-in-one marketing platform.

FMG Suite, a marketing and advertising SaaS company that provides content marketing systems and solutions, has announced the expansion of its partnership with LPL Financial, an independent broker-dealer, to improve the digital marketing experience for advisors even further.

Financial advisors affiliated with LPL may now use FMG Suite’s all-in-one marketing platform to submit email, social, website, and general content modifications using a unique one-click compliance workflow approach.

There’s nothing more effective than digital marketing when it comes to helping financial advisors win new clients while growing existing client relationships. By sharing their stories and communicating seamlessly across multiple digital channels – from email campaigns and websites to social media and our new mobile app – financial advisors can build connections and drive engagement that ladders up directly to business growth. But while the importance of digital marketing is clear, it’s equally important for financial advisors to market themselves only on a fully compliant basis, given how heavily regulated the wealth management industry continues to be.

Scott White, CEO of FMG Suite

According to FMG Suite’s press release, some of the features of this partnership are that marketing content is routed directly to LPL’s Marketing Regulatory Review Team during the application compliance submission process. And, advisors have access to a single platform from which they can manage all parts of their marketing, including websites, blogs, email, and social media, events, and print—and even push material to mobile devices via FMG’s recently developed mobile app. 

Also, there’s no need to verify the status because authorized information is automatically published. With the partnership, countless hours are saved. 

Susan Theder, CMO/CXO of FMG Suite, said, “Financial advisors who leverage digital marketing to reach their full business potential need the most simplified and streamlined compliance review and approval process possible. FMG Suite has successfully partnered with many of the industry’s leading broker-dealers, insurance agencies, and mid-large wealth management firms to provide their advisors with an integrated marketing and compliance solution. 

She added, “Financial advisors, like those affiliated with LPL Financial, serve a role in helping individuals and families reach their financial and life goals. This is what drives us to continuously evolve our capabilities and enhance advisors’ ability to connect with clients and prospective clients who need their guidance.”

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