Facebook launches VR Horizon Workrooms to make remote working more interactive

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Facebook has launched Horizon Workrooms to allow people to work and meet remotely in virtual reality. Users can join the meeting as avatars using VR headsets or dial in through video calls from computers. It offers virtual whiteboards to jot down ideas in real-time and much more

Facebook has launched Horizon Workrooms, a test of a new virtual reality (VR) remote work app that allows people to work remotely in groups with Oculus Quest2 VR headsets or other ways, reports state.

The new move is in line with Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the metaverse to interconnect all virtually. Horizon Workrooms allows people to connect together in the same virtual room. The move also comes when companies worldwide continue working from home due to the ongoing pandemic.

VentureBeat reported that the new feature is free to download on Oculus Quest 2 in countries where Quest 2 is supported. Its full benefits can be availed by wearing an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset while working. People also can join via smartphones, desktops, or laptops and participate with varying levels of interaction, it said.

“You are actually in the demo. We’ve been talking about the future of work for a long time. It’s why we’re in AR/VR. The pandemic hitting in the last 18 months has given us greater confidence in this technology,”

Andrew Boz, vice president of Facebook Reality Labs

It is reported that the Horizon Workrooms would allow users to join the VR meeting as avatars or dial into it from a computer or by a video call. Virtual whiteboards can also be used to sketch out ideas in the room in real-time and pin images from personal computers. The spatial audio tech would transmit sounds in a more lively manner. 

Additionally, it is stated that the Horizon Workroom would not use work conversations and materials to inform ads on Facebook. 

The audio contents of your meeting are processed on Facebook servers but not stored unless someone records and sends us a clip as part of a report. In this case, we’ll use the information to take appropriate action and then delete the recordings. Facebook and third-party apps do not access, view, or use these images or videos to target ads. Other people are not able to see your computer screen in Workrooms unless you choose to share it, and the permissions you grant for the Oculus Remote Desktop app are only used to allow streaming from your computer to your headset,”

Oculus said

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