F5 acquires Threat Stack for $68M

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F5, a cloud edge security software, has acquired the cloud security monitoring software Threat Stack for $68M. F5’s application and API protection solutions combined with Threat Stack’s cloud security capabilities can enhance visibility across the application infrastructure.

F5, a provider of application security and delivery tools, has recently announced that it has entered a definitive agreement to acquire Threat Stack, a cloud infrastructure security company, for $68 million, according to reports

F5’s application and API protection solutions, together with Threat Stack’s cloud security capabilities and experience, can improve visibility across application infrastructure and workloads, making it simpler for patrons to adopt consistent security in any cloud.

Applications are the backbone of today’s modern businesses, and protecting them is mission-critical for our customers. Threat Stack brings technology and talent that will strengthen F5’s security capabilities and further our adaptive applications vision with broader cloud observability and actionable security insights for customers.

Haiyan Song, EVP of Security at F5

Threats encompassing today’s immersive digital experiences area unit growing and applications area unit pay attention for cybercriminals – attacks, fraud, and noncontinuous client experiences value businesses over $100 billion a year. These experiences are unit progressively battery-powered applications distributed across multiple environments and deeply interconnected through Apis. 

This expands potential entry points for attackers and needs more extensive visibility and context to spot and neutralize threats. Organizations face the discouraging challenge of fast digital innovation to remain competitive whereas mitigating a widening variety of subtle adversaries and growing complexity.

F5’s goal is to power accommodative applications that change customers to secure and deliver extraordinary digital experiences. A core church doctrine of accommodative applications is their capability to shield themselves by police work and mitigating threats in real-time. Threat Stack’s proactive risk identification and threat detection combined with the breadth of F5’s application insights and controls can accelerate our customers’ delivery of this capability.

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