Ezbob unveils new modular SaaS platform, Ezbob Express

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UK’s Ezbob has introduced its modular SaaS platform, Ezbob Express, aimed at helping financial institutions fill their digital transformation gaps. It aims to resolve the key challenges that companies face.

London-based Ezbob, a provider of customer acquisition technology for financial services, has launched its new modular SaaS platform, Ezbob Express, to address the key challenges in the sector. 

In its statement to the press, Ezbob elucidated the three important features that Ezbob Express provides- helping financial service providers fill gaps in their digital transformation journeys, assist them in taking precise, complex credit and risk decisions, and enabling the furtherance of embedded finance growth. 

In short, the modular SaaS platform enables financial institutions having discrepancies in their digital channels to achieve a customized digital experience. The new models include user experience and process design, compliance and authentication, credit and risk decisions, and product recommender.

Founded in 2011, Ezbob transforms customer acquisition and onboarding into an automated digital process to increase completed applications and improve operating efficiency. It makes use of AI-powered analytics and Open Banking data to streamline and automate customer acquisition processes. Nowadays, with new API technology advances, embedded financial services have entered the mainstream demand arena. Ezbob’s API strategy helps companies embed financial services such as customer accounts opening, credit card applications, consumer and business loans into their purchase process.

Tomer Guriel, co-founder and CEO of Ezbob, stated that it was essential for Ezbob to align itself with the market changes and provide demand-driven solutions. Stating that the digital transformation, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has increased the importance of diligent customer acquisition, Mr. Guriel added,

The consensus is that the application and onboarding process needs to be as easy and intuitive as Amazon and Netflix, and this is enabled by using analytics to provide a better customer experience and enhance profitability. Ezbob Express allows financial service providers to transform their customer onboarding into a streamlined, automated digital journey, reducing customer input by 75% and increasing completed applications by 400% – a quick and seamless process.

Tomer Guriel, co-founder and CEO of Ezbob
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