Esper raises $30M from Scale Venture Partners in a Series B funding

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Bengaluru- and Seattle-based DevOps platform Esper has raised $30 million from Scale Venture Partners in a Series B funding round. This takes its total funding to $47.1 million raised in 4 rounds. In their previous fundraising, they bagged $7.6 million from Madrona Venture Group in Series A funding in February last year, as per Crunchbase data

Other existing investors, Root Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures, and Haystack, had participated in the Series B round. Using the proceeds, Esper aspires to expand its team in India and in the US by hiring engineers for cloud, Android, and full-stack development, in addition to product and program management, user experience, marketing, and sales domains, reports state.

Esper provides tools to help developers and engineers to deploy and effectively manage fleets of company-owned Android devices. They aim to satisfy the DevOps expectation that software developers expect. Using their tools, they provide companies breathing space in terms of building their own DevOps teams. 

According to Esper Yadhu Gopalan, Co-founder, and CEO, the pandemic has transformed industries like connected fitness, health. Hospitality, and food delivery, accelerating the adoption of intelligent edge devices. However, it also called the need for better software automation. 

Esper’s mature cloud infrastructure incorporates the functionality cloud developers have come to expect, re-imagined for devices.

Esper Yadhu Gopalan, Co-founder, and CEO

Reports point to Esper’s significant growth across a number of industries. The number of devices running Esper has grown 15 times, and revenue over 70 times in the previous year (the baseline remains undisclosed). 

Andy Vitus, Partner at Scale Venture Partners, laid stress on the growth of edge devices across various sectors, which require scaled deployments and remote updates. Hailing Esper for establishing itself as a leader in the need for Device DevOps, he said,

DevOps infrastructure for the millions of fleets of devices in the hands of non-IT staff users—consumers, restaurant workers, shoppers, and more.”

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