ESDS Software Solutions to release an upgraded version of eNlight 360 and Managed Service Solutions

ESDS Software Solution Limited, a managed cloud service and end-to-end multi-cloud requirements providers based in India, has released eNlight 360, a technologically upgraded version of their most indigenous and unique cloud orchestrator offering, as well as a new and improved version of their Managed Service Solutions. 

The Nashik-based IT firm is dedicated to innovation and is working to develop more niche and cost-effective cloud technology goods and solutions. The growing popularity of cloud technology has prompted their cloud professionals to improve their best products and services.

eNlight 360 is a unique product in the current cloud-technology industry since it combines Hybrid Cloud Orchestration Management with a full Data Center Management Suite. This next-generation technology allows users to build up many hypervisors on their own premises, providing them the protection of a Private Cloud and the scalability of a Public Cloud. 

Additional features include Remote Console Access, which allows an administrator to grant console access to a device without disclosing their password, and Showback & Chargeback, which extracts resource use statistics in monetary terms to track ROI.

In addition to eNlight 360, ESDS has upgraded its Managed Services portfolio, which provides a wide range of services for customers to complement day-to-day data management and cloud migration. 

This comprehensive service package includes IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, database administration, SAP Basis, SAP HANA administration, security operations centre (SOC) services, and business continuity planning. Customers will appreciate the convenience of this one-stop-shop package.

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