Elon Musk: Tesla Hiring 10,000 Plus Employees For Austin, Texas Gigafactory

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Elon Musk posted on Twitter again, and it was bound to be big news. He announced through this Twitter handle that he is looking for new employees. For this, he posted, “Over 10,000 people are needed for Giga Texas just through 2022!”. Now, Elon Musk has also announced that SpaceX is hiring “several thousand” employees in the Brownsville/South Padre area of Texas. These employees will be hired for the SpaceX launch facility in the Boca Chica community. SpaceX will have requirements for engineers, technicians, essential support personnel, and builders in the Brownsville/South Padre region. The Giga Texas Factory that Elon Musk refers to in his post is a $1.1 billion plant that he aims to open by the fourth quarter of the year. This factory will manufacture Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars that will work for east coast deliveries and will also deliver Tesla Semi and the much-awaited Tesla Cybertruck, as said by the CNET’s Sean Szymkowski.

It is called the Gigafactory because that is the name that every Tesla Plant has, and this name is personalized to its plants in the industry. This Gigafactory will be the fifth one worldwide. The previous job postings for the Gigafactory implied that the plant would build batteries on-site to enhance the Tesla supply chain. According to the documents filed by the firm in Texas, they stated that “the facility is proposing to operate a cell-manufacturing unit to produce the battery packs that are installed in the vehicle.” This application was submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Another amazing factor about the new hiring spree is that college degrees are unnecessary for most jobs at Tesla. In Texas’s current openings, there is a slot for an IT manufacturing support technician whose eligibility is at least five years of experience. However, there is no requirement for a degree or any experience in construction management or civil engineering. Additionally, for the job of battery manufacturing engineering manager, the job ad cautions that “The Tesla Battery Module Manufacturing Engineering Team is not for the faint of heart; after all, changing the world isn’t easy.” It also further states that the manager will have to “create, develop and take on responsibility for the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for one of the most complex and challenging components of the electric car- our next generation of battery modules.”. Some other jobs that have an opening in the new Texas Gigafactory set to open include an ironworker, a senior software engineer, and automation controls engineer, and an architectural designer. With this, Tesla is continuously working towards its growth and is building new Gigafactories to optimize its operations.

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