Eka launches cloud-based source-to-pay unified solution: E-Sourcing

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Cloud-based software provider Eka launches the first-of-its-kind unified platform-driven solution, E-Sourcing, which shall set new standards in numerous fields across various functions and industries. 

E-sourcing prowess

Eka’s E-sourcing will provide redressal to specific requirements of agriculture, energy, manufacturing supply chain participants, food, and mining. Riding on their far-reaching experience in automating commodities and direct-sourcing supply chain, E-sourcing shall provide better mutual visibility along with flexibility, collaboration, transparency, and quality for businesses.

Usually, legacy tools in managing supplier operations entail teams to spend time exchanging emails, calls, and spreadsheets for handling data. This can lead to diminished visibility and greater errors. E-Sourcing shall counter such legacy problems by identifying major points of weakness and by enhancing supply-chain resiliency. It shall also provide real-time visibility from a single source and help mitigate supply-chain by allowing businesses to provide a timely response. 

Manav Garg, founder, and CEO of Eka, who had quit a well-paying job to pursue his start-up aspirations, agreed that the development of E-Sourcing was triggered by commodity-specific needs and requirements of direct material businesses. However, he enunciated that Eka shall continue its work of enhancing and adding new capabilities to its platform on a rolling basis, eyeing expansion into other industries and sectors.

Eka’s E-Sourcing builds a fully collaborative network across the supply chain with far superior levels of transparency, flexibility, and agility. The value of these benefits extends beyond commodities. It is not a difficult leap to see how such a robust and extensible e-sourcing solution can be applied across multiple business functions throughout an enterprise.” Manav Garg added.

Apart from being a global leader in provisioning innovative solutions to assist customers in their “journey to the cloud,” Eka’s platform-driven solutions are also known for their capabilities in helping businesses tackle complex challenges in trading and risk, supply chain, and financial management.

Early this year, Eka had announced their Mission Digital strategy to empower supply-chain customers by digitizing their business processes. Eka is committed to investing in E-Sourcing solutions in the coming months. 

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