Dover raises $20M in a Series A round led by Tiger Global

SaaS News -Dover raises $20M to bring the concept of ‘orchestration’ to recruitment (source: SaaS Industry)
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Dover raises a $20M Series A round. It uses AI to find applicants for specific employment openings. Dover uses data science and artificial intelligence to help recruiters fine-tune their communications with potential applicants from the first job description through a job offer or rejection letters.

Dover, a recruiting platform, has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Tiger Global Management. Other participants include Founders Fund, Abstract Ventures, and Y Combinator. 

Dover, which has created a “recruitment orchestration platform” geared at recruiters, lets them juggle and combine numerous applicant pools to automatically locate appropriate job prospects and then manage the outreach process, according to CEO and co-founder Max Kolysh.

In the business sector, “orchestration” is a term used to describe how something is put together. It is a term that is frequently applied to sales and marketing software: There is a lot of fragmentation and labor involved in obtaining excellent leads to become potential customers in both of these cases. Therefore tech firms have created platforms that can discover intriguing contacts and handle some of the early steps needed to contact them and get them emailed.

Dover’s strategy is to embrace fragmentation and make it easier to manage. It uses AI to find applicants for specific openings at companies using LinkedIn, Indeed, and Triplebyte – a fitting list considering its initial concentration on technology.

Dover does this using a combination of AI and knowing what a recruiter is searching for and any additional parameters specified by the recruiter—for example, diversity screening if the employer wants a candidate pool that meets the company’s inclusion goals. Dover employs data science and artificial intelligence to assist recruiters in fine-tuning their contacts with potential applicants, from the first job description through a job offer or rejection letters.

No human wants to write 100 cold emails per week, but on the other hand, there are many people to hit up and connect with. When a company is seeing a lot of growth, it needs to scale fast. You just can’t do that without technology anymore.

Max Kolysh, CEO and co-founder, Dover

Mr. Kolysh, who co-founded the firm with Anvisha Pai (CTO) and George Carollo (COO), claimed all three founders had direct experience doing so while working at previous businesses.

It’s the full stack here that is appealing. And it’s automated, which is particularly valuable for early and mid-stage tech companies, to keep candidates from falling through the cracks. It also saves time from having to build up big recruiting departments. And because Dover owns all that work, those working in recruitment can instead focus on culture-building or assessing the candidates.

John Luttig, a principal at Founders Fund

Dover was a member of the Summer 2019 class at Y Combinator. It has had more than 100 clients since exiting the incubator, primarily from the tech industry, including ClearCo, Lattice, and Samsara, among others. 

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