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Dover has acquired CDS Visual Inc., a provider of SaaS solutions. Dover’s Engineered Products business will house CDS Visual as an operational unit. CDS Visual’s software is built on a patented unique technology that enables for “live” 3D setup.

Dover has announced that it has acquired CDS Visual Inc., a provider of SaaS solutions. Within Dover’s Engineered Products business, CDS Visual will become an operating company. Dover is a $7 billion-dollar-a-year worldwide manufacturing and solutions supplier.

CDS Visual, a prominent supplier of software as a service (“SaaS”) 3D visualization solutions designed for industrial applications, was founded in 2005 and is located in San Jose, California. Its clients include blue-chip industrial manufacturers and distributors. The software from CDS Visual is based on a patented unique technology that allows for “live” 3D configuration, 360-degree photorealistic product imaging, augmented reality capability, and production-ready CAD pictures.

As we continue to expand our digital capabilities, I am extremely pleased to welcome the talented team at CDS Visual.

Girish Juneja, senior vice president and chief digital officer of Dover

CDS Visual’s solutions optimize commercial workflows between manufacturers, distributors, and customers, resulting in a better and more efficient digital customer experience, increased revenues, and lower commercial and engineering expenses. Its solutions are primarily used in eCommerce and Configure-Price-Quote applications, which are still relatively underserved in industrial manufacturing compared to consumer markets. This is expected to change as industrial producers, distributors, and customers adopt modern digital solutions to improve their engineering and commercial processes.

CDS Visual’s innovative solutions, including a SaaS visualization platform, complement Dover’s expanding portfolio of digital sales and marketing capabilities. Several of Dover’s operating companies have adopted CDS Visual’s solutions to enhance their customer-facing digital capabilities. We were impressed with the impact on customer satisfaction, ease-of-doing business, and sales and engineering effectiveness. We plan to deploy CDS Visual’s solutions across the Dover portfolio and our distribution network and also have ambitious plans to drive growth in the thriving industrial 3D visualization market.

Girish Juneja, senior vice president and chief digital officer of Dover
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