Ditto raises $1.5 million in seed round

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Ditto is a platform that allows teams to manage copy from concept to completion. It has raised a seed round of $1.5 million. Text blocks may be exported from Figma and reworked in the Ditto web app. To manage diverse stakeholders in copy generation, the business is experimenting with different price levels.

Ditto, a startup that helps teams manage copy from design to production, has raised $1.5 million in seed round. Greycroft, Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Decent Capital, Twenty Two VC, Holly Liu, and Scott Tong, among others, invested in this round.

Even the most structured teams are frequently left digging through meandering email threads, screenshot dumps, and slack DMs with different teams to copy process design and execution. Ditto’s founders expect that their software will provide copy teams with the space they need to stay organized and in sync across projects and apps, ensuring that language is finished and ready to ship when the time comes.

Jessica Ouyang and Jolena Ma, co-founders, were Stanford roommates who noticed a need in the market for a toolset that valued copy as its own vertical.

Ms. Ouyang told TechCrunch, “It’s so easy to couple text with where it lives, like you may think of it as part of the design so a lot of writers have to manage it inside toolsets for design or you may already think of it as part of development, so writers end up having to go into the codebase and figure out how to code or manage JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) even though they’re content designers.”

The founders said that they’re working on Sketch and Adobe XD connections. Users may view change logs and amend the status of specific sections of text inside a project via the Ditto web interface, ensuring that approvals are always guaranteed.

With Ditto, users can effortlessly export text blocks from Figma and rework them inside the Ditto web app, allowing them to publish revisions without delving through the designs themselves.

We find there’s a lot more opportunity to integrate into all of the places where copy is being worked on. We find there’s a lot more opportunity to integrate into all of the places where copy is being worked on

Jolena Ma, co-founder

There are many stakeholders in copy creation. Therefore Ditto is trying out several price levels to handle this. For the time being, they have divided users into editors and commentators, who pay $15 and $10 monthly, paid yearly, on the startup’s Teams plan, respectively. Ditto offers a free tier for teams of two people, as well as enterprise-level pricing.

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