Device42 launches a new product that assists in cloud migration

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Device42 has developed a new solution that analyses your infrastructure and provides recommendations for cost-effective cloud migration. The program uses machine learning to assist in the discovery of the optimum configuration. Device42 is a software business founded in 2012 that specializes in hybrid IT discovery and application dependency mapping.

Device42 has announced the release of a new product that analyses your infrastructure and gives advice on how to move to the cloud in the most cost-effective way possible. Device42 is a software company that specializes in hybrid IT discovery and application dependency mapping.

According to Raj Jalan, CEO and co-founder, the tool employs machine learning to find the optimum configuration and supports four cloud suppliers, including AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and VMware on AWS.

“The [new tool] that’s coming out is a multi-cloud migration and recommendation [engine]. Basically, with machine learning, what we have done is in addition to our discovery tool […] is we can constantly update based on your existing utilization of your resources, what it is going to cost you to run these resources across each of these multiple clouds.”

Raj Jalan, CEO and co-founder

This capacity relies on the company’s fundamental strength, which is to provide a map of resources wherever they exist and the dependencies that exist throughout the infrastructure, which is highly difficult for businesses to comprehend.

Mr. Jalan added, “Our focus is on hybrid IT discovery, and dependency mapping, [whether the] infrastructure is on-prem, in colocation facilities, or in the cloud.”

Device42 helps customers see how all of the different pieces of infrastructure, including applications, work together. “You can’t find a tool that does everything together, and also gives you a very deep discovery where you can go from the physical layer all the way to the logical layer, and see things like, ‘this is where my storage sits on this webserver,'”

he added.

The firm has been in operation since 2012 and employs around 100 people. It has received about $38 million, with a $34 million Series A investment in 2019. It hasn’t necessitated a lot of outside funding, according to Mr. Jalan, who claims they are cash flow positive with “decent growth.”

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