Dell EMC PowerProtect, empowered by SaaS backup, replaces Dell PowerProtect

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As an update to Dell technologies’ two-year-old PowerProtect data protection platform, a cloud-based data protection powered by Druva , Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service, is the new protector.  

Including features such as Disaster Recovery (DR). archiving, analytics, and visibility across environments, Druva’s EMC PowerProtect, a cloud- based new product, brings SaaS application protection into Dell Technologies. It helps eliminate redundancy in copies and better protect infrastructure to maximise the value of data.

The concept of a hybrid cloud-based data protection supports on-premises backups, which might appeal to customers. Being a SaaS platform by itself, providing a single interface to protect, manage and recover data, “it protects workloads of all of the cloud-based Kubernetes services such as the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (EKS) and the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). 

The updates introduced later into this are also naturally available to the users, “so as their environment changes whether or not they add new SaaS applications that maybe they weren’t using before, as long as those are available via PowerProtect Backup Service, the ability to protect those is very easy”, Rob Emsley, director of marketing at Dell EMC, said.

This update is designed to tackle the data protection gap in popular cloud-based application platforms, Laura Dubois, VP of product management and data protection at Dell states in a blog post. Customers can also choose their own backup software, use Dell’s or can even purchase one. 

Adding that the PowerProtect Backup Service can be extended to organisations to facilitate endpoint protection for devices, Laura Dubois added,  “enabling organizations to leverage the flexibility and economies-of-scale of cloud-based backup and long-term retention to protect critical data at the edge – especially important in remote work scenarios.”

Data protection is critical for businesses. On an average while businesses manage nearly 40 percent more data every year than their previous year, over $1 million has been incurred per organisation, as per a report of Dell Technologies’ Global Data Protection Index 2020 Snapshot.

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