Delaget announces partnership with Payactiv

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Delaget has teamed up with Payactiv, a financial wellness software company. Payactiv and other Delaget partners provide Easy-to-use interfaces to restaurant partners. Delaget’s API Partnerships offer access to over 100,000 restaurants, eliminating the need for costly, one-time data integrations. 

Delaget, a Minnesota-based restaurant business intelligence & analytics SaaS company, has announced a partnership with Payactiv, a financial wellness software.

Payactiv’s inclusion in Delaget’s Marketplace allows the two companies to work on new prospects while seamlessly integrating existing clients without the usual setup fees and engineering hours.

Our new partnership with Payactiv is an exciting opportunity for both parties. The Payactiv mission aligns closely with Delaget’s core values, and our team looks forward to leveraging this partnership and delivering a fresh new employee benefit to franchisees across the country.

Jason Tober, CEO of Delaget

Delaget’s API Partnerships give access to over 100,000 restaurant locations, removing the need for expensive, one-time data integrations. Payactiv and other Delaget Marketplace partners allow smooth interfaces for restaurant partners, including payroll and accounting, HR & employee software, drive-thru and deliveries, POS, BOH, and more.

Delaget and Payactiv will enable tens of thousands of QSR businesses to recruit, retain and engage better with their workforce. We’re proud to be able to alleviate financial stress for over 3.5 million workers in the QSR industry.

Michael Biscotti, VP of Sales and Partnerships at Payactiv

Payactiv is a registered B-Corp and earned wage access (EWA) provider to bring financial well-being to the millions of financially stressed individuals. Employees may access their earned paychecks before payday with Payactiv, avoiding overdraft fees and other costly penalties. According to the company, Payactiv clients experience considerable cost savings due to increased recruitment, engagement, and retention.

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