Datalogics releases new cloud-based PDF processing products on Amazon Web Services and Zapier

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Datalogics, an industry leader in enterprise PDF software and technologies, has launched its new cloud offerings that include a robust ‘pay-as-you-go’ Application Programme Interface (API) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a free app on Zapier.

Being the premier source for Adobe PDF and enterprise document management technologies, this marks an exciting next-generation move for Datalogics, who earlier used to process their products through command-line applications and Software Development Kits. 

Commenting on the launch, Kevin McNeill, Datalogics CEO, said that they are excited at the prospect of offering document processing, and workflows on-demand in the cloud. 

Our customers have been asking us about microservices. Every customer uses technology in unique ways and needs different capacities. Cloud-based microservices will provide customers access to virtually unlimited scalability, but they will only pay for what they actually use.

Kevin McNeill, Datalogics CEO,

Once Datalogics started using AWS and Zapier, the benefits to our customers and potential customers became obvious. The ability to quickly spin up a server that could be used to process PDFs seems like a perfect fit

Datalogics CFO Ruth Walker commented on the launch.

Based in Chicago, Datalogics is lauded for its unmatched technical expertise and support that enables customers to optimize their document workflows. Having hundreds of customers worldwide, the new addition of cloud offerings will expand their customer base and also address user needs across a wide range of industries, as per reports.

Stressing that document processing is subjected to evolving seasonal changes and spikes, Director of Product Management at Datalogics, David Behrns stated,

Our cloud solutions truly embrace that reality with a pay-as-you-go model that automatically scales computing capacity when users need it, without requiring additional time-consuming contract licensing changes or IT resources. 

Director of Product Management at Datalogics, David Behrns
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