DataGrail integrates with HubSpot to help enterprises efficiently comply with data privacy

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DataGrail integrates with HubSpot to help enterprises manage privacy compliance efficiently, complying with the emerging data privacy laws, saving them time, money, and engineering resources.

DataGrail, a startup helping businesses navigate privacy regulations, has announced its integration with its investor HubSpot, a provider of cloud-based inbound marketing software, to make privacy management easier by cutting down on time, money and resources.

In an official blog post, DataGrail stated that the integration of both platforms would help go-to-market teams and privacy counterparts build robust privacy programs and trust. The company said that the integration would deepen its relationship with HubSpot, enabling customers to automate critical components of a privacy program, the processing of data subject requests (DSRs and DSARs) and automated system inventories to track personal data in an organization’s tech stack. 

Since access to customer data is a social contract and the amount of trust measures the wellness of the social contract, the DataGrail-HubSpot integration would enable marketing, sales and customer services teams to handle personal information, build customer trust, and easily comply with regulations, DataGrail enunciated.

Customers are more independent, more impatient, and less trusting of businesses.” Brands have been relying on deep, nearly unfettered access to high volumes of customers’ personal information to fuel their marketing, sales, and engagement strategies. But consumers and governments are clear that people want more control over their personal data. Even just with core Big Tech companies, people exercised their rights to privacy more than 25 million times in 2020,

Dharmesh Shah, founder and CTO of HubSpot

DataGrail stated that the joint customers would be able to connect their HubSpot accounts to DataGrail with just a few clicks, without the need to code. Presently, DataGrail stated that over 20 joint customers, including brands like Plume and Snyk were using the integration. Vincent Samuel, head of data protection at Plume, stated that the integration made it easy for Plume to automate the management of our privacy rights’ compliance and added,

We didn’t have to do it from scratch with a lot of error-prone, manual processes. We can handle privacy requests faster and easier than before and address our customers’ privacy rights with confidence.

incent Samuel, head of data protection at Plume
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