DACK partners with Streamline VRS to improve guest services

SaaS News - DACK-and-Streamline-VRS-Partner-to-Enhance-Guest-Solutions,-Boost-STR-Operator-Revenue (source: SaaS Industry)

At a Glance

 DACK, a software solution for optimizing guest experience, has announced a partnership with Streamline VRS, a vacation rental management software. Guests who book with one of Streamline’s operators can now take advantage of DACK upgrades and services.

DACK, a SaaS solution to optimize the guest experience, has announced its partnership with Streamline VRS, a vacation rental management software. 

DACK is the most comprehensive guest experience solution in the market, from check-in through check-out. Through a robust and customized mobile application, DACK’s innovative SaaS Platform allows operators worldwide to deliver stays for their guests. DACK is based in Los Angeles, California. Its relationship with Streamline further solidifies its position in the market as a dependable and user-friendly platform for operators of all sizes.

We are very excited to be Partnering with Streamline VRS–a leader in property management for some of the largest operators in North America and abroad. Our connection with Streamline will enable operators to provide a truly seamless, digital experience for their guests and ultimately boost their revenue through increased guest engagement.

Thomas Schaper, product head at DACK.

Streamline VRS is the market leader for enterprise-level vacation rental firms, with over 100,000 doors using its services. Guests who book their stays with one of Streamline’s operators now have access to upgrades and conveniences like digital keyless entry, contactless check-ins, intuitive local guides, as well as customizable stay upgrades like early check-in, grocery delivery, and additional cleaning services, with DACK’s seamless integration. 

DACK’s mobile app is a game-changer for STR Operators. We’re always searching for ways to enhance the convenience and diversity of our platform for our operators and their guests. DACK’s technology unlocks so many new options for guests and revenue opportunities for operators.

Mike Norde, third-party relationship manager at Streamline VRS
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