Cord raises $4.5M in a seed round led by CRV

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Cord, a company that automates computer vision annotation procedures, has secured $4.5M in funding. The money will be utilized in expanding the firm’s client base and platform. King’s College London and a leading restaurant automation supplier are among Cord’s dozen customers.

Cord, a startup automating annotation processes for computer vision, has announced that it has raised $4.5 million in a CRV-led seed round. As the firm prepares to hire more staff, the funds will be used to grow Cord’s client base, and platform said its CEO, Eric Landau.

Cord’s machine vision annotation technology automates a variety of human labeling activities. From domain-expert annotators to project managers and machine learning engineers, its set of tools is intended for cooperation across roles and teams.

Mr. Landau, an ex-Harvard physics dropout, cofounded Cord with Leeho Lim and Ulrik Stig Hansen in 2020. Mr. Landau started the firm after leaving a job in the fintech business with the objective of bringing quantitative finance ideas to the data tagging process.

Users may annotate, categorize, and segment pictures and video using Cord’s web interface, as well as run quality assurance checks and train “state-of-the-art” models. 

The Python SDK trains models, composes data programs, collates training data algorithms, ingests and processes data, while the platform’s automation API allows developers to automate data sampling, augmentation, transformation, labeling, and assessment using custom training data algorithms.

Stanford University’s Division of Nephrology, one of Cord’s clients, claims to have cut experiment time in half while processing three times more pictures. Stanford was identifying, annotating, and counting podocytes (kidney cells) and glomeruli (clusters of nerve endings) in microscope pictures using three separate pieces of software before deploying Cord.

“Any company that’s trying to build an AI model needs a lot of labeled training data to do so. This process is often time-consuming and expensive due to being highly manual with existing tools. Using our [platform], companies are able to generate training data much faster and cheaper while also not having to ship the data anywhere else.”

Mr. Landau added, 

Cord claims a dozen customers, including King’s College London, a “major” restaurant automation supplier, and a firm that focuses on human behavior AI.

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