Contentsquare acquires Hotjar to help businesses build better digital experiences

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Contentsquare announced the acquisition of Hotjar to help businesses of all sizes to build better digital experiences. The companies would operate independently for some time, with Hotjar learning from Contentsquare’s technology and resources and Contentsquare benefiting from Hotjar’s reach and product-led approach

Contentsquare, a digital experience analytics platform provider, announced its acquisition of Hotjar, a product experience insights provider, to help businesses build better digital experiences, a press release from Contentsquare said.

Contentsquare stated that the acquisition would build on the synergies between both the companies and accelerate their shared vision of creating better experiences for all. Hotjar would learn from Contentsquare’s technology and resources, while Contentsquare would benefit from Hotjar’s reach and a product-led approach, Contentsquare noted.

The combined team would have over 1000 people working closely with each other. However, Contentsquare stated that the companies would work independently for the foreseeable future. ContentSquare, founded in 2012, empowers brands to build better digital experiences using its analytics platform that tracks and visualizes billions of digital behaviors. Hotjar, founded in 2014, develops intuitive and disruptive research and optimization tools for web businesses.

Jonathan Cherki, founder and CEO of Contentsquare, stated that people today expect great digital experiences wherever they are connected and however they interact with big global brands or startups.

“Coming together with Hotjar allows us to broaden our reach to bring business-critical insights to every type of business across all industries.”

Jonathan Cherki

Contentsquare stated that it would help businesses understand people’s behaviors online and enable them to deliver the best possible experience, fix obstacles along the customer journey and improve engagement, in tandem with Hotjar. David Darmanin, founder and Chairman of Hotjar, expressed excitement about joining forces with Contentsquare and added,

“We built Hotjar to inspire product improvements by enabling businesses of all sizes to have empathy with their end-users. Joining the Contentsquare family enables us to accelerate our work towards this vision, double-down on our investments in innovation and thereby unlock even more value for our customers.”

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