Collabio Lets You Co-Edit Documents Without The Cloud

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Collabio Spaces, an office suite app that provides a cloudless co-authoring opportunity, has now come into the limelight because of this technology. While co-editing documents, employees don’t have to worry about losing their data or the threat of changes. Collabio is essentially a P2P software that allows various people to co-edit a document locally from any device, be it a mobile phone or a desktop computer. This is done without the risk of uploading important information to the cloud, such as what is done in Google Docs, where you have to share the document and upload important information on the cloud. You don’t have to email the text to multiple individuals, thereby reducing the work to collating and resolving the changes manually after combining all contributions. Collabio is further improving on this list of advantages.

In the future, it will allow its users to collaborate from anywhere, and not just a local network. This feature will probably release next month and will add P2P collaboration that will work over the internet. However, it will still be secure because you’ll avoid the privacy risk of having a remote server in the loop. This app is available only on macOS and iOS environments as of now; however, it intends to release its Android and Windows versions very soon this year. The various formats supported in the P2P software are .docx, .odt, .xlxs, .ods. It also can scan and recognize images and text by using a camera. You can e-sign documents and PDFs, view presentations, and annotate and comment on PDFs, even via audio.

The app is funded essentially by private investors. It has been created by XCDS or eXtended Collaboration Document Systems, a company that has been working on office tools for seven out of the ten years that it has existed. With the pandemic, remote working has been on the rise, and therefore, such productivity applications are required by many people. However, the local network aspect of Collabio is the only hindrance that it is facing in such an environment.

Considering this, the next update of the software will be crucial and more helpful in this scenario. The CTO, Goroshko commented that “When we started with Collabio, we were ready for the long game, we knew that we would need to implement most of the features [office suite software] users were familiar with, before we could start developing our ideas.”. He further added that “Long story short, our cloudless collaboration works the same way as a cloud one. Of course, there is some difference in how you connect to the document, but after that, you have the same experience as if you work on the cloud.” However, some constraints accompany this cloudless co-editing platform. There is a notable lack of constant access to the document that you’re working on with someone. In addition to it, the shared document remains on the owner’s host devices only, and the owner can save only a copy. However, this can be suitable in various conditions, while there are also hopes that Collaborio will update these ways as the user demand increases.

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