Cognigy launches Cognigy Insights, an analytics suite that helps with conversational data

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Cognigy, an enterprise Conversational AI Platform for customer and employee support process automation, has released Cognigy Insights. Cognigy Insights will allow customers to effortlessly access and analyze conversational data, resulting in actionable insights.

Cognigy, an enterprise Conversational AI Platform (Cognigy.AI) for customer & employee support process automation, has announced the launch of Cognigy Insights. It’s a robust analytics suite coupled with the Cognigy.AI platform that helps businesses make sense of their conversational data and act on insights, all within one best-in-class suite.

Cognigy Insights will simplify customers to access and analyze conversational data to acquire actionable insights for improving customer and staff support workflows and processes. The new analytics suite, which includes supported machine learning capabilities, allows users to follow and measure each dialogue phase. Organizations can use its unique ‘Step Explorer’ function to uncover trouble points and better understand the customer experience beyond the limitations of intent-driven analytics.

Cognigy Insights is an accessible and easy-to-use application that enables best-in-class monitoring and reporting. It was co-developed with clients using the Cognigy.AI low-code platform. It also gives Australian businesses the ability to analyze and understand complex conversational data, giving them the skills to act on insights from a single powerful Conversational AI platform. In addition, the quick, real-time overview and customized dashboard make tracking KPIs a breeze.

Better Conversational AI analytics is one of the key demands to improve customer communication as Australian organizations increasingly look to optimize the customer journey. The Cognigy.AI suite provides invaluable insights for customer services businesses as they enable deeper analysis and understanding of virtual agent-led conversations and the entire contact center customer experience. Ultimately, this helps to streamline contact center operations for greater effectiveness, leading to a higher degree of automation and an increased ROI.

Sebastian Glock, a senior technology evangelist at Cognigy

Users can also narrow down into aggregated chats to get practical information on enhancing operations for a higher overall conversion rate. This enables GDPR-compliant and privacy-aware access to conversational data for in-depth analysis. Cognigy Insights can extract data from human-to-human interactions in addition to interactions between end-users and virtual agents.

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