Cirralto Limited merges with Appstablishment, gains access to latter’s flagship product, Spenda

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Cirralto Limited, a supplier of B2B payments services, has merged with Perth-based SaaS provider Appstablishment. With the merger, the companies aim to provide optimized business and payment solutions to the global market.

Sydney’s Cirralto Limited, which supplies B2B payment services for industries, has recently merged with its long-term licensing partner, Appstablishment, the Perth-based software developer, to provide optimized business and payment solutions to the global market, reports state.

Cirralto revealed that with the merger, that will trade under the name of Cirrato Limited, it would also gain access to Appstablishment’s ‘Spenda business solutions,’- its flagship product that provides software to support points of sale, inventory management, debt collection, payment services, e-commerce, and catalog sharing. In addition to Spenda, Cirralto will secure a suite of proprietary software and intellectual property (IP) of Appstablishment.

Adrian Floate, CEO of Cirralto, stated that through the merger, Cirralto is better-positioned to take its next step in its ambition to emerge as a leading integrated payments provider.

Cirralto has the technology to process payments and Appstablishment, a platform for creating, sharing, and integrating transactions between a buyer and seller. This union will enable Cirralto to accelerate its growth and solidify the company’s position as a unique feature-based payments company with a capacity to layer revenue from all players in the value chain.

Adrian Floate, CEO of Cirralto

Peter Richards, chairman at Cirralto, commented that there were observable and significant synergies that could be extracted by bringing together both these companies, which are focused on delivering an integrated payments solution to B2B.

I would like to thank all our employees who have tirelessly worked towards this outcome and are now able to focus on delivering excellent customer outcomes

Peter Richards, chairman at Cirralto

David Wood, director of Appstablishment, expressed delight at the merger and stated that the teams could now work in tandem to deliver better outcomes for Australian businesses. Mr.Wood stated that Appstablishment had invested the last four years of its journey on developing Spenda, and added,

Appstablishment has always developed great software. Since 2001, we have fine-tuned our skills in facilitating online transactions and data sharing on mobile devices. Over the years, we have built and taken nearly 20 products to market.

David Wood, director of Appstablishment
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