Chintai partners with iTrust, a DeFi insurance provider
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Chintai, a B2B SaaS company that leverages blockchain technology to transform financial markets, has teamed up with iTrust, a DeFi insurance protocol. iTrust will try to provide syndicated coverage on the Chintai network.

Chintai, a B2B SaaS company that revolutionizes finance markets with blockchain technology, has partnered with iTrust, a protocol for decentralized financial insurance. On the Chintai network, iTrust will provide insurance coverage for deposits, smart contracts, and temporary loss protection for liquidity providers, making the ecosystem more trustworthy for all users.

Chintai’s private institutional beta release cemented the relationship, which allows financial institutions to test compliant digital asset issuance and secondary trading for traditional assets, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and debt at no cost. Several institutional investors, including Collective Capital, Chimera Wealth, B1, and Cryptology Asset Group, have joined the beta by testing the tokenization of conventional assets on the platform.

The Chintai institutional beta program offers a complete digital asset product suite for compliance issuance, secondary trading, algorithmic market making, and custody to financial institutions. Participants will try out the platform for free, allowing them to explore and customize it to their unique needs.

iTrust fills a gap in the blockchain industry which will enable traditional financial institutions to work with the same industry standards in regards to risk management. We are delighted to work with iTrust to revolutionize capital markets with our compliant digital asset technology.

David Packham, CEO of Chintai

On the Chintai network, iTrust will endeavor to deliver syndicated coverage. But it’s iTrust’s capacity to provide ‘reinsurance’ while also optimizing the staking benefits for decentralized financial products like Nexus Mutual, InsurAce, and others that sets it apart. 

iTrust plays an essential role for businesses like Chintai, which wants to create an easy-to-use bridge that allows traditional financial institutions to quickly move regulated assets to a fully compliant blockchain environment in an industry that lacks insurance for crypto assets.

Chintai is an industry leader in providing much-needed professional, regulatory compliant services and platforms to the financial services sector. We are extremely excited to work with Chintai to source and supply syndicated cover to protect its users.

Robert Cooke, co-founder & director of partnerships for iTrust,
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