Chargebee partners with Razorpay to provide a solution to SaaS and subscription providers in India

Chargebee, a subscription management platform, recently announced a partnership with Razorpay, an Indian full-stack financial solutions provider, to deliver subscription billing services across India.

Chargebee’s continued commitment to client growth and internationalisation is reflected in this partnership, which provides increased capabilities to solve complex business requirements in India and beyond.

Chargebee’s partnership with Razorpay is geared toward collecting recurring revenues across Cards, UPI requirements, and Netbanking mandates to assist businesses in providing their customers with these preferred payment alternatives.

“We were born in India, just four friends in a small apartment in Chennai thinking of how to solve a problem, and then cut our teeth in the US and Europe working with customers of all sizes to help them start and grow businesses. We are now excited to leverage those lessons learned to service a fast-maturing SaaS ecosystem experiencing exponential growth,”

Krish Subramanian, CEO, and co-founder of Chargebee

Chargebee’s e-invoicing compliance and TDS recording capabilities enable businesses to meet these standards while focusing on other business tasks.

With Chargebee‘s most recent update, merchants may now define and call out taxes paid, allowing them to extend their operations without worrying about compliance.

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