Chainguard has been awarded $5 million to assist companies in securing their software supply chains.

Late last year, researchers uncovered that Russian agents had dug deep into the networks of many US Federal networks. The spies, working for Russia’s foreign intelligence service, had targeted SolarWinds, an IT company whose software assists thousands of enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and federal government agencies manage their networks remotely.

Russian agents delivered digital backdoors directly to the core of the US federal government by getting into SolarWinds’ network and distributing a poisoned software update to its clients.

“A lot of companies are relying more and more on open source software, and actually not realizing the risks that they’re setting themselves up for when they go and find some random package on the internet and install it in their production systems.”

Kim Lewandowski, one of the five founders of Chainguard

The co-founding team intends to work on open source initiatives to assist businesses in better understanding and managing the risks posed by software supply chains. Amplify Partners, and many angel investors led a $5 million seed round for Chainguard, which was disclosed on Wednesday.

According to Lewandowski, the team expects to use the funds to expand the company beyond the five new employees and continue to develop the products they want to bring to market.

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