Celcius raises fresh funds from Eaglewings Ventures Alliance Network (EVAN), MaGEHold, and others

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Web and app-based SaaS startup Celcius Logistics Solutions, which provides cold-chain solutions, has raised seed round funds from Eaglewings Ventures Alliance Network (EVAN), MaGEHold, Keiretsu Forum, and others investors. Reports state that the proceeds shall be used to scale up their partner base, improve their tech platform, and expand their presence.

Founded in November 2020, amid the accelerating demand for cold-chain solutions, Celsius has transported over 2800 tonnes of perishable cargo across 85 cities in the country. Today, the country’s significance of cold-chain solutions has been growing due to the vaccine deployment, which requires a robust and seamless cold-chain network for successful and effective distribution.

The investors feel that Celcius was the right place to invest in at the right time. Poojit Jain, Angel Investor at EVAN, opined that with India’s infrastructure lacking in cold-chain, there is a tremendous potential for Celcius to grow. 

From facilitating vaccine delivery, curbing food wastage, empowering regional transporters to build a last-mile delivery network, Celcius is ensuring an impactful presence in the ecosystem

Poojit Jain, Angel Investor at EVAN

Bowie Lau, Founder of MaGEHold, enunciated the critical role of the cold storage supply chain in a country’s growth infrastructure. “It ensures a longer shelf life for perishable and temperature-sensitive goods and allows the distribution of such products even to the hinterlands,” she added. 

From incubating the company to becoming investors on board this year, we want to stay committed to the team and look forward to actively supporting their growth. 

Founder and CEO of EVAN, Atul Javeri

Swarup Bose, Founder, and CEO, Celcius, has taken to his LinkedIn handle to announce the fundraise and thanking the investors. 

We are ecstatic to announce our seed funding round and are thankful to all our investors. We aim to build a technology-driven solution to the problems of the conventional cold-chain network in India,

Swarup Bose, Founder, and CEO, Celcius
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