CDNetworks officially releases Cloud Live, a live-streaming technology

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Cloud Live, a new live-streaming solution from CDNetworks, has been officially released. Cloud Live is a live streaming platform for organizations of all sizes who want to broadcast live content to global audiences

CDNetworks, a content delivery network (CDN) provider, has announced the official release of its new live-streaming technology called Cloud Live. It’s made to provide a smooth streaming experience while also making video streaming professional and efficient. 

Cloud Live is a live streaming platform for organizations of any size who want to broadcast live content to worldwide audiences, such as enterprise conferences, online education courses, live concerts, and tournament coverage, among other things.

Doyle Deng, head of Product Management from CDNetworks, said, “We are pleased to launch Cloud Live. It is a professional live streaming solution that can grow and scale with businesses’ needs. Based on CDNetworks’ global CDN capability, high quality of service with redundancy is our highest priority when providing Cloud Live to businesses.” 

He added, “In addition, Cloud Live provides anti-hotlinking and watermarking functions to ensure the secure publishing of streams. We welcome you to apply for a free trial of Cloud Live.”

CDNetworks is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider with fully integrated Cloud and Edge Computing solutions that deliver web and application content with unrivaled speed, security, and dependability. We provide various products and services, including Web performance, media distribution, enterprise applications, cloud security, colocation service, and more, by using CDNetworks’ resources and global business effect.

E-business customers in industries including finance, tourism, manufacturing, and media can benefit from CDNetworks’ cloud acceleration.

CDNetworks Cloud Live features include stream management made simple, robust media processing, simple playback of streams, providing reliable live content, content safety and security, and analytical statistics.

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