CBT and Guardhat join hands to improve quality of life for frontline workers

SaaS News - CBT-and-Guardhat-Announce-Strategic-Partnership-to-Improve-Safety-and-Quality-of-Life-for-Frontline-Workers (source: SaaS Industry)
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Guardhat, a pioneer in IoT safety solutions, has established a strategic relationship with CBT, a woman-owned Domain Expert Integrator. Guardhat’s cooperation with CBT will accelerate end-user adoption and the Guardhat ecosystem’s development with new connectors.

CBT, woman-owned Domain Expert Integrator, and Guardhat, a pioneer in IoT safety solutions, have announced their strategic partnership to provide the global industrial workforce, including frontline and emergency personnel, with next-generation, end-to-end linked safety, and productivity solutions.

Guardhat is rapidly expanding in response to the growing need for linked worker technologies. Guardhat’s collaboration with CBT will speed up both end-user adoption and the Guardhat ecosystem’s expansion with additional integrations.

CBT provides unique value to corporate transformation as a Domain Expert Integrator in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) convergence, IoT, and sophisticated data collection and analytics.

Guardhat and CBT are a perfect match. At CBT, we take pride in our mission to deliver technology with a human touch, which syncs flawlessly with Guardhat’s goal to keep the brave people that make, power, and move the world around us safe and productive in every shift, every day.

Kelly Ireland, founder, CEO and CTO of CBT,

Industrial operations get a new paradigm for worker safety and collaboration with Guardhat. The Guardhat system uses unique, ruggedized wearable sensors and a human-centric IIoT platform and software to assist operators in identifying and reacting to dangers and obstacles that employees experience in real-time. From any location, frontline workers may interact with one another and with remote colleagues. Data is also available in-depth and ready to connect with other platforms and data streams to speed up digital transformation by enhancing worker safety and work experience while also lowering operational and brand risk.

Rob Schaeffer, president and COO of CBT, added, “With our experience in integration engineering and their worker safety and productivity technologies, the impact is changing the way companies execute on employee safety. This partnership ensures that the work environment foundation, employee protection, and technology leverage come together for the benefit of all. Customer executives are re-thinking employee productivity, employee safety, and cost management.”

Those of us that come from industrial operations understand both the moral and business imperative in putting people first. CBT shares our mission on this front. The facilities we both serve are highly technical and often dangerous. The headquarters that run them are fully networked and deploy new IoT and SaaS solutions regularly, but the front workforce is too often outfitted with tech that looks about the same as the stuff people used 50 years ago.

Saikat Dey, Guardhat co-founder, and CEO

Our customers see the need and the opportunity in doing things differently. When you invest in, safeguard, and empower your people, that’s an investment that pays out in operational efficiency and resilience. You see the impact in your bottom line, in the communities where you operate, and in your company’s very sustainability.

Saikat Dey, Guardhat co-founder, and CEO

Customers may now buy Guardhat solutions from CBT and benefit from the company’s extensive implementation knowledge. In the future, businesses intend to integrate their hardware, software, and services even further.

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