Breinify raises $11M Seed funding from Gutbrain Ventures, PBJ Capital

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Breinify, which uses data science for personalization, has raised $11M in a seed round led by Gutbrain Ventures and PBJ Capital as the need for personalization grows. The proceeds will be invested into their product, customer support, and demand

Breinify, which provides a lightweight platform for personalization using data science, has raised $11 million in seed round funding in an oversubscribed round led by Gutbrain Ventures and PBJ Capital. Other investors- Streamlined Ventures, The CXO Fund, Amino Capital, Startup Capital Ventures, and Sterling Road- had participated in the funding round.

Proceeds from the fund shall be utilized to triple down on go-to-market execution, meet increasing market demand, support customer growth and expand their product features, as per reports.

Amid a surging demand

Reports state that personalization grew in importance in 2021, overwriting the concept of broad and generalized marketing. Customers nowadays crave and expect personalized experiences that can help them discover and find products of their choice. And that is where Data science plays a significant role- in taking personalization to the next level. 

Breinify was founded in 2016 by Diane Keng, the CEO, and Philipp Meisen, the CTO. It aims to democratize data science, allowing enterprises to harness their power for predictive personalization without a data scientists’ team. They aspired to bring a data science-based predictive personalization to marketers to improve a customer’s experience by personalizing messages tailored to individual tastes.

“We’re big believers that the world, especially consumer brands, really need strong predictive personalization. But when you think about big consumer brands or the retailers that you buy from, most of them aren’t data scientists, nor do they know how to activate [machine learning at scale,”

Diane Kang said, in an interview to TechCrunch.

Commenting on the investment, Bob Davoli, Managing Director at Gutbrain Ventures, stressed how Breinify was taking the “world over by a storm” with their AI personalization platform and added,

They have done a phenomenal job in understanding and achieving measurable ROI for their customers. And from the first day I met Diane and Philipp, I believed fully in their vision and mission. I am confident that the Breinify team and product is perfectly positioned to be at the forefront of the data science horizon.”

Bob Davoli, Managing Director at Gutbrain Ventures
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