BlueRush partners with customer communications management provider Doxim

At a Glance

BlueRush, a personalized video SaaS platform, announced its partnership with Doxim, a customer communications management (CCM) company, a press release from BlueRush said.

BlueRush enunciated that the partnership aims to assist BlueRush in solidifying its position in the customer communications management space, as it continues to build a strong partner network of leading CCM providers. Steve Taylor, CEO of BlueRush, stated that Doxim is a great partner for BlueRush and added,

Doxim has a commitment to bringing high value and innovative solutions to their customers and we are excited to help with their mission to turn statements and notifications into compelling customer experiences that drive results.

Steve Taylor, CEO of BlueRush

BlueRush said that Doxim will integrate with its IndiVideo interactive personalized video into the broader CCM platform to provide personalized digital customer experiences, such as interactive statements, bills, policies or reports, that offer visual engagement and real-time interactivity.

Doxim clients are looking for ways to provide personalized and engaging digital experiences that can simplify complex information, motivate customers to explore upselling options and drive conversions and revenue. Doxim CCM Interactive Video will give them an innovative and scalable method to engage their customers, through data-driven video experiences

Olga Zakharenkava, senior vice president of Doxim
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