Bevy acquires Eventtus to deliver deeper customer experience across virtual, hybrid and in-person events

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Bevy has acquired Eventtus for an undisclosed sum to help event attendees with a seamless, deeper experience. Eventtus’ tech stack would be combined with Bevy’s, offering various features

Bevy, an enterprise-grade virtual conference and community events platform, has acquired Eventtus, an engagement platform managing events for an undisclosed amount to offer a comprehensive end-to-end management solution and a seamless experience for event attendees.

Reports state that as a part of the acquisition, Eventtus’ engineers would join the Bevy team, alongside its founders, who would join as vice president of innovation and director of product management. In an official blog, Derek Anderson, co-founded and CEO of Bevy, stated that the acquisition was aimed at powering a better Startup Grind (community of startups) mobile experience. Mr. Anderson recalled how he was scouting for a perfect event app tool to deliver seamless attendee experience during a Startup Grind annual conference. 

Stating the first use of Eventtus’ mobile app as an “aha” moment,  Mr. Anderson added that Eventtus had created a product that handled the end-to-end conference experience for attendees and provided organizers and sponsors with a self-serve platform to experience a great event. 

The acquisition will accelerate the development of Bevy’s core functionality, but will also help us to deliver a deeper customer experience across all kinds of virtual, hybrid and in-person events

Derek Anderson, co-founded and CEO of Bevy

Mai Medhat, co-founder and CEO of Eventtus, who would now be the VP of innovation at Bevy, in an official blog stated that the Bevy customers would experience many benefits by including various engagement tools and tech stacks of Eventtus onto Bevy. The include – a white-labeled community event engine to scale programs, a customizable and fully integrated registration and ticketing solutions, a networking solution powered by a matchmaking algorithm and interactive sessions that include polls, Q&As, and reactions.

Thanking the Eventtus team, investors and customers for their support, Medhat added,

I’m so excited to work with Derek and all of the incredible people at Bevy to make this vision a reality. All of the Eventtus team will be joining Bevy. Nihal and I are joining Bevy’s leadership team. We are going to lead Bevy’s efforts to enhance in-person and hybrid events and integrate the products.

Mai Medhat, co-founder and CEO of Eventtus
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