Batch raises $5M in seed round from Coatue, Seven Seven Six

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Batch has raised its seed round funding worth $5M from Coatue and Seven Seven Six. In an interview with TechCrunch, co-founder JD Maresco, who also co-founded Citizen, enunciated the startup’s role

New York-based Batch has raised $5 million in a seed round funding co-led by Coatue Seven Seven Six as per reports. The round witnessed participation from the Weekend Fund, Shrug Capital, and the Chainsmokers, among others.

The startup provides QR codes to help retailers selling to customers, make re-ordering of their products fast and simple. Currently, the startup uses Apple’s App Clip technology assisting the users in loading a small part of the app on demand but plans to make it work on both iOS and Android eventually.

In an interview with TechCrunch, JD Maresco, founder and CEO of Batch, who previously co-founded the public safety app Citizen, stated that brands are beginning to wake up to the concept of creating new retail channels off their physical packaging. This can help customers effectively shop throughout their home or their place of work. Mr. Maresco said,

So we’ve been able to spend time with dozens of brands now, and work with them to actually reengineer their packaging and say, ‘Let’s put QR codes front and center and figure out how to make this a really important customer touchpoint

JD Maresco, founder and CEO of Batch

Mr. Marsco also stressed that though QR codes are all over the place, Batch’s product made it simple for brands to create high converting shopping experiences and a native mobile interface.

It’s a combination of our Shopify integration and our native product design experience and the relationships we have with these brands and how we help them with their packaging that’s not something you can spin up overnight

JD Maresco, founder and CEO of Batch
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