BalkanID launches AI-powered Identity Governance and Administration Solution and raises $5.75 million in seed funding

BalkanID announced the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) system and the company has raised $5.75 million in seed funding. 

BalkanID’s solution, which uses artificial intelligence and workflow automation to provide visibility into problematic entitlements and streamline the access assessment and certification process, is a first-to-market offering. BalkanID enables IT and security teams to integrate the principle of least privilege into security and IT operations by assisting them in locating and fixing issue entitlements across their SaaS and cloud landscape.

“Legacy IGA solutions don’t work well in cloud environments, yet security and compliance teams are expected to use them anyway—a scenario that usually ends up introducing more risk than it eliminates, Using our customers’ existing pain points, we built our platform by re-engineering how fine-grained entitlements in SaaS and cloud identity stores expose corporate assets. We then designed the platform’s core features so that ultimately, using AI, the associated risk mitigation activities can evolve into a continuous, fully automated process.”

Subbu Rama, co-founder and CEO of Balkan ID

BalkanID‘s solution is designed to handle cloud-native entitlement sprawl efficiently and cost-effectively. Our AI-powered risk engine across the organization’s SaaS and public cloud estate automatically finds problematic users, those with excessive rights or toxic combinations, risky apps, jobs, and privileges. 

The risk engine adjusts automatically depending on a continually changing set of characteristics, such as role, activity, data attributes, and environment, lowering risk and preventing entitlement sprawl.

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