B2B SaaS startup Ninox raises €8 M to expand its product offerings

Ninox, the Berlin-based B2B SaaS startup, boosts its market share among SMEs and closes another € 8 million fundraising round. The premier low-code platform supplier is on a steady upward trajectory. 

With the new funding, the company plans to expand its product offering by creating Industry Kits, which are industry and use-case specific templates that will help SMEs (such as those in construction and manufacturing) complete their digitization initiatives quickly, and transparently, and efficiently. 

Expanding the already broad partner network to assist customers more than ever before in the start or implementation of Ninox projects, first in the DACH region and then focusing on internationalization in Western Europe and North America.

“Companies are faced with the choice of either using inflexible 1 standard software or investing in expensive, lengthy in-house developments with uncertain results. I wanted to change that with Ninox and create a system that is so easy to learn that end users in the company can use it to develop their own solutions – without programming knowledge and long training periods,”

Frank Böhmer, founder and IT specialist of Nenox

Low-code platforms are anticipated to hasten the SME economy’s much-touted digital transformation. Ninox is one of the major providers in the DACH region, with over 6,500 clients and significant double-digit growth rates (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Hi Inov and VI Partners, two additional famous European VC investors, have successfully joined the Berlin-based startup to implement its expansion strategy.

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