AWS acquires secure instant messaging app Wickr

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Amazon’s AWS has acquired Wickr, a secure messaging service used by governments and others. The app aims to enhance its services with Amazon’s services. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced its acquisition of the top-secret message servicing app Wickr, used by government agencies, on Friday. The transactions of the deal remain undisclosed and AWS would be offering Wickr services with immediate effect for customers.

In an official blog on its website, Stephen Schmidt, vice president of security and engineering and chief information security officer at AWS, stated that the acquisition would help customers benefit from Wickr’s advanced security features. These features would be difficult to obtain otherwise, across traditional communications services such as messaging, voice and video calling, and others. 

Wickr, founded in 2011, provides its services to a diverse range of missions like secure communication with employees, providing service members at the tactical edge with encrypted communications. Enterprise customers also use Wickr to keep communications between employees and business partners private without compromising compliance and other regulatory norms.

Some messaging apps of Wickr, developed as per customer needs, include Wickr Me, Wickr Pro, Wickr RAM, and Wickr Enterprise. Its end-to-end encrypted instant messaging app allows users to exchange messages, photos, videos and other file attachments.

Mr. Schmidt stressed that the need for such secure communications is accelerating. Stating that the hybrid working trend triggered by the ongoing pandemic, has caused enterprises and governments to protect their communications across many remote locations, he added,

Wickr’s secure communications solutions help enterprises and government organizations adapt to this change in their workforces and is a welcome addition to the growing set of collaboration and productivity services that AWS offers customers and partners.

Stephen Schmidt, vice president of security and engineering and chief information security officer at AWS,

Wickr, on its website, stated that it was willing to take its solutions to the next level, together with AWS.

We are pleased to share that Wickr has been acquired by Amazon and is now part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team. We’re proud to have created highly trusted, secure communication solutions for messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and more. From our founding ten years ago, we have grown to serve organizations across a wide range of industries, all over the world,

the company stated on its website.
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