Avetta One Platform now offers sustainability and ESG risk mitigation solutions

One of the world’s largest providers of workforce and supply chain risk management solutions, Avetta, has expanded it’s Supply Chain Risk Management SaaS product, the Avetta One Platform, to include Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk mitigation and sustainability solutions.

“To become more accountable and responsible, companies are setting aggressive sustainability and ESG goals. With this solution (Avetta One Platform), boards and executives now have a unified view across their companies and suppliers to manage risk and improve compliance.”

Arshad Matin, President and CEO of Avetta,

Avetta claims that it is the only supply chain company to provide an ESG scoring system that considers individual company goals and global standards in 20 industry trades. The Avetta One Platform aims  to assist companies to reach their sustainability and ESG goals more efficiently.

According to the company, 90% of the environmental footprint of multinationals is in the supply chain. But most companies do not have the visibility into sustainability readiness and goals of each supplier. This situation increases the risks of unknowingly taking on unethical work practices, using protected resources and contributing to global climate change, leading to potential regulatory penalties, civil and criminal liability, and brand and reputation damage.

In upcoming months, Avetta will add partners in the Avetta Marketplace to assist suppliers increase their ESG performance. In the first quarter of 2022, Avetta is adding Sustain.Life as an Avetta Marketplace Partner, Avetta executives will discuss Avetta One and how to implement sustainability throughout the supply chain at the CIPS/ANZ Conference in Sydney.  Avetta’s SVP Strategic Accounts, Scott Spencer and Principal, PSCM Advisory for Avetta, Patrick Higgins will speak at CIPS on March 15.

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