Artificial raises $21.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Microsoft’s M12

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Artificial, a software company that develops a lab automation platform, has raised $21 million in a Series A funding round led by Microsoft’s M12.

Playground Global and AME Cloud Ventures also participated in this round. Artificial has not disclosed its evaluation. 

David Fuller, CEO and co-founder of Artificial, said that the funds would be used to expand the company’s software and capabilities, as well as to recruit additional people and expand its business.

Thermo Fisher and Beam Therapeutics are among the companies that use the company’s software directly or in cooperation with their clients. Artificial’s technology, which is sold as aLab Suite, can coordinate and control robotic equipment that laboratories may use to do some tasks, as well as aid scientists while they are carrying out the task themselves.    

Fuller says that introducing more AI into laboratories to enhance how they function has been long overdue.

The basic premise of what we’re trying to do is accelerate the rate of discovery in labs. We need to have a digital revolution to change the way that labs have been operating for the last 20 years.

David Fuller, CEO and co-founder of Artificial

Artificial’s aLab Suite is especially exciting to us because it is uniquely positioned to automate the masses: it’s accessible, low code, easy to use, highly configurable, and interoperable with common lab hardware and software. Most importantly, it enables Biopharma and SynBio labs to achieve the crowning glory of workflow automation: flexibility at scale.

Kouki Harasaki, an investor at M12

The aLab Suite that Artificial has pioneered will allow us to accelerate the breakthrough treatments of tomorrow and ensure our best and brightest scientists are working on challenging problems, not manual labor.

Peter Barrett, co-founder and general partner at Playground Global
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