Armory launches Armory Minnaker for quick software deployments

Armory-launches-Armory-Minaker(source: SaaS Industry)
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In a move to enable quick software deployments, Armory has recently launched Armory Minnaker, a full Spinnaker installation that leverages K3s Kubernetes distribution to deploy software in 10 minutes.

Spinnaker is Armory’s continuous delivery platform, also cited to be the world’s powerful, that helps companies deploy multiple clouds. It was developed and open-sourced by Google and Netflix and also battle-tested in production by various large enterprises. Now this continuous deployment tool shall be accessible through Minnaker within minutes. Minnaker, packaged inside a virtual machine running the K3s Kubernetes distribution, shall handle authentication, security, namespaces, and more. 

Reports state that users shall be subjected to an improved experience owing to the tool’s simplified installation and deployment, thereby reducing the amount of time needed in realizing the benefits of continuous delivery. 

According to the CTO of Armory, Isaac Mosquera, continuous delivery shall remove cognitive load from developers, and Minnaker shall assist in automating their software deployment and code faster.

They (developers) shouldn’t care about what cluster, what cloud, what region. They just want to commit to their code, know that it is running, and being interacted with as expected. Now, with Minnaker, our users can get right to the value of Spinnaker, as well as Armory’s enterprise features that will help them automate their software deployment and ship code faster

Isaac Mosquera

Alongside this, Armory has also created pre-built DevOps pipelines to assist users in getting the hang of the platform. This shall facilitate Armory’s integration into DevOps toolchains like the Continuous Integration System (CI), Git repositories, and security tools, among others.

Reports also state that Amory’s Minnaker release comes after their successful 2020 and 2021 Q1. Over the past year, Armory is reported to have expanded its customer base, increased partnerships, and also its staff. In October last year, they had closed a $40 million Series C funding led by B Capital.

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