AppOmni to provide SaaS security management support for ServiceNow

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AppOmni, a provider of SaaS security management, has announced that it would provide its services to the ServiceNow platform to help its customers get better visibility into SaaS security posture, help its IT and security teams to remediate risks and configure security better

SaaS security management provider AppOmni has announced that it would extend its service support for ServiceNow, to help its security and IT teams identify and remediate risks and configure security preferences on its platform, AppOmni said in a press release.

Applying AppOmni’s prowess to ServiceNow would enable the latter’s customers, having multiple SaaS vendors, to manage their security posture and risk across all of their critical SaaS environments. The customers would mostly benefit from enhanced visibility into SaaS security posture.

Overall, ServiceNow’s security and IT teams would be offered – an increased visibility and expertise to identify configuration risks and security preferences across various SaaS vendors and the Now platform; access to ServiceNow security best practice policies from a central SaaS monitor service to ensure maximum protection and reduce vulnerabilities during custom deployments; and a high-fidelity detection alert that customers can configure to send to ServiceNow or other security monitoring tools for streamlining response.

ServiceNow is a provider of digital workflow solutions that helps organizations optimize their workflows from IT to HR. Brendan O’Connor, CEO of AppOmni, expressed delight to work with ServiceNow and added that the new integration reinforced its expertise as a SaaS security management provider.

The new integration with ServiceNow reinforces our expertise as a SaaS Security Management provider to help our customers build and maintain more secure SaaS environments. We look forward to continuing to expand our SaaS Security Management solutions on a global scale

Brendan O’Connor, CEO of AppOmni

Jari Salomaa, senior director of platform product management at ServiceNow, stated that the security and privacy of customer data would remain a top priority for ServiceNow. He added that it is imperative to highlight security configuration risk and implementation best practices in a shared security responsibility model.

AppOmni’s integration is a great addition to the ServiceNow ecosystem to bring visibility and clarity into continuously changing security configuration risk. We look forward to continuing to work and innovate together in the SaaS security management space

Jari Salomaa, senior director of platform product management at ServiceNow
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