AppOmni announces new product functionality, extends depth of its SaaS offerings

SaaS News - AppOmni announces new product functionality, extends depth of its SaaS offerings (source: SaaS Industry)
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AppOmni has announced its extension of the SaaS platforms it covers and integrations it provides, added a new product functionality and expanded its customer base

AppOmni, a SaaS security management provider, has extended the breadth of the SaaS platforms it covers with enhanced security, revealed a new product functionality in AppOmni Insights and increased its customer base, a press release from the company said.

The company stated that AppOmni Insights would be a part of its offering and would deliver “security engineer in a box”. It stressed that it would provide an in-product SaaS security management expertise to help teams review information on SaaS risks, their potential, applications and modes of resolution. It is designed to assist admins who are not security experts and offers companies an easy button to remediate SaaS risk.

Recently, AppOmni announced that it extended its offering to ServiceNow and closed a $40M in Series B funding in April. With respect to the extension of its SaaS offerings, AppOmni stated that its platform would now offer integration with and enhanced SaaS security for – The Atlassian suite (Jira, Confluence, BitBucket), Docusign and Zendesk. 

Additionally, AppOmni expanded its posture capabilities to provide coverage for enterprises in their business-critical applications. The extension is spread across GitHub and its Microsoft 365 solution to include Exchange Online and SharePoint.

Brendan O’Connor, founder and CEO of AppOmni, stated that today’s SaaS security market has been growing rapidly with organizations transitioning to the cloud and SaaS applications, realizing the need to have a shared responsibility model for SaaS security. Quoting an AppOmni research, he stated that about 55 percent of companies had sensitive SaaS data, inadvertently exposed to the anonymous internet, requiring neither a username nor a password for access. This exposes a critical risk that every organization must remediate.

SaaS vendors are responsible for providing secure products, but SaaS customers need to use and manage those products responsibly. We’ve built AppOmni to help companies manage, secure, and monitor their many SaaS platforms, without adding additional workload for their security and IT teams

Brendan O’Connor, founder and CEO of AppOmni
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